Our Method

Distribution is not a one-way street, successful trading flows in both directions. RH Electronics assumes a central role in the procurement and marketing of electronic components. We are an essential partner in the supply chain of Original Equipment Manufacturers, Contract Manufacturers, authorized distributors, independent distributors, and manufacturers of electronic components. Our distribution and logistics process is certified and exceeds ISO quality standards.

We proactively check for your requested materials with other customers from your own industry to look for potential matches. By using the latest and most advanced technologies, we are able to search for alternatives to your requested component if necessary. After successfully sourcing your required components, we can offer overnight and even same-day delivery in order to guarantee the fastest delivery possible.

Despite the most detailed planning and calculation, shortages cannot be avoided. However, the consequences of such interruptions to your company’s manufacturing or procurement process are enormous and extremely costly. We specialize in helping to bridge the gaps in your supply chain and to prevent or ease the problems and consequences caused by these interruptions.

If RH Electronics Inc. is unable to offer the requested components from our own stock, we will start the global sourcing process by checking all authorized distributors of your desired manufacturer for available stock, with a high success rate.