Our corporation never could have resourced this effort with available personnel. By outsourcing portions of our procurement cycle, we achieved savings that would not otherwise have been possible…
L. Torres, Goodrich
RH Electronics is a significant contributor to our record setting 2013 year, thanks guys!
Sam T. , Wireless Networks
RH Electronics worked in conjunction with our team to identify and approve an alternate part that met our quality control standards and amounted to significant hard-dollar savings in our product line. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this endeavor.
Janet R. , Aerospace purchasing manager
Thanks to RH Electronics we’ve been able to keep our production up and running. Without these USB Micro Controllers RH supplied us, we wouldn’t have shipped a product for the next nine months.
J. Roth, Navigation Systems
RH Electronics shaved a good four to five weeks off our lead times for order fulfillment, which is very significant.
Greg S., GE Homeland Security